Rise Out Of The Flames Out Now and Giveaway Blitz

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Rise Out Of The Flame is out now and I have a blitz starting tomorrow for a chance to win a $10 Amazon card. Stops are at the bottom of the post. Hugs!

Here is the info:


Release Blitz – Rise Out Of The Flames (Phoenix Brothers #1) – Jackie Nacht

Author: Jackie Nacht

Release Date: June 24 2016

Buy Links:




Length: 15,000 words

Publisher: MLR Press 

Come and get saved by these phoenix firefighters brothers.

Holden, a phoenix shifter, works at Rhodes Fire Department alongside his family. When he encounters his Sun, Rick, he’s half naked on the fire escape and Holden knows he’ll do anything to save Rick from the burning building. Even with the world knowing about paranormal beings, Holden has to figure out a way to tell Rick about himself. Phoenixes exist under the radar; keeping to small groups out of the limelight. Slight problem with maintaining secrets since it seems Rick may have unknowingly exposed himself to the phoenixes new enemy. How will Holden protect Rick with what happens when he goes up in flames?



Eighteen years ago

“Hurry, Holden.” Holden’s mother undid his seatbelt and carried him out of the car. He plopped down on the cold pavement in his footie pajamas, then Momma went running for the fire station, holding his hand.
Men rushed around them. “Uncle Niall!” Momma screamed.
“Jazzy, you want me to take Holden? Ed’s bad. He’s gonna need to burn out!” Uncle Niall called out to us.
Momma picked up the pace. “No, he’s going to find out sooner or later.”
“He’s five, Jazzy. Now’s not the time!” Uncle Niall protested.
Holden didn’t get to hear any more. They turned the corner and went straight into a room Holden hadn’t gone into with his little brothers. There was white tile along the walls and high amounts of steam. They turned the corner, and Holden saw several firefighters sitting, tired, in folding chairs as the showers rained down upon them. He searched for his dad, but couldn’t find him in the sea of sooty men.
“Jazz,” Holden heard his father rasp out, and his mother maneuvered him through the other firefighters. In the corner, where no water reached, lay Holden’s father. Three guys surrounded him, peeling away his destroyed gear.
His face was burned severely, and Holden clutched his momma’s hand. “Momma,” he whimpered out.
Momma knelt down in front of him. “It’s going to be okay, Holden. Daddy will be just fine. You need to see just how special you and your brothers are.”
Holden shook his head as his dad gasped. “Daddy!” Holden screamed as his dad’s destroyed body erupted into flames. Ash billowed all around the area. Holden cried out, trying to break free of his mom’s grip. My dad!
Holden covered his eyes as the ash around them made its way to Momma and him. He bowed his head down, crying, hiding as he waited for the ash to settle.
After a moment, Momma patted him on the head. “Holden, it’s fine now.” She scooped him up, resting him on her hip. Holden tucked his face into her shoulder and cried freely.
“Holden, honey. You need to look up. Daddy’s just fine,” Jazzy soothed.
Holden wiped his face on Momma’s shirt before he turned and gazed down at the floor. Men were covering his dad with a blanket. His dad lay there, naked, burns completely gone from his face and hands. Ash began falling and covering him.
“Daddy?” Holden broke his hold and ran to kneel next to his father.
Daddy reached up and palmed Holden’s cheek. “Son, it’s time you found out how special your family line is.”


Chapter One
Present Day

There were plenty of things Rick Hills could have brought out with him on the fire escape besides his PC. A pair of pants was at the fucking top of the list, since he stood there in his humping reindeer boxer briefs. And it was summer! Not only was he out of season, but everyone in a ten-block radius would know how scrawny he was under the baggy clothes he usually wore. No shirt, no socks, just obscene reindeers getting laid all over his boxers. Even in this dire situation, embarrassment surrounded him like the black smoke coming out of the building.
A pair of shoes was another item he could use right about now, but no, he was in the middle of an online raid, and thought he didn’t want to let his other gamers down. How the hell was he going to take down a boss when his building was going up in smoke? Then there was his work on it. Many irreplaceable photos. All the families counted on him to capture those special moments in their lives. Rick was in a shitty situation. God, did his computer back up automatically after he transferred the photos today? He hoped so, because his cameras were going to burn.
Oh, and one more thing, how in the world was he going to get down when the fire escape was fucking broken? Shit, a phone would have been nice, too.
Neighbors came out to gaze up at the burning building and him. Jesus, of all the ways to go out. He had to do it in front of his nosy neighbor, ninety-year-old Mrs. Florence who loved to pinch his cheeks every time he passed. And no, it wasn’t the cheeks on his face.
Rick noticed several onlookers on their phone and prayed that one of them was actually talking to 9-1-1 instead of posting about what was happening on social media. A few snapped a shot, and he could only pray that come morning, his photo wouldn’t go viral.
Someone was underneath him, making an attempt to fix the broke-dick ladder. Rick should tell the guy it was no use, that kids had been using it to break into the apartments. The wolf-shifter neighbor, a floor beneath him, had taken it upon himself to make sure no one came in to steal his electronics again, shifting and tearing the ladder to pieces. At the time, Rick was grateful to the guy, since he was also a victim of the robbery, but now, it might just cost him his life.
Fear choked him, and Rick whipped his head around, seeking for an alternative escape. He couldn’t go back into his apartment; his place was already billowing with the thick black smoke. Shit. Panic settled in, and he began to tremble on the escape. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was no way out of this except to jump, and he was five floors up. The fall would kill him, for sure.
Sirens sounded in the distance, and Rick peered down the street to see emergency lights in the distance. Rick blew out a quivering breath. He might just see the light of day again.

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Sparkly Website and Contest!

HI all!

Not only are the dust bunnies gone…the place sparkles! I have to give a big shout out to my banner and FB designer, Beany Sparks for making my pink dreams come true. And I have to give the biggest shout out to Jaymi for redesigning the website. I love it! Not only is everything new and easy to navigate but Jaymi has updated all the info you need to know about my books!

So have fun and look around at all the sparkles. Glitter social icons! Loving! I have now named my website, “My Precious” much to the annoyance of my husband. LOL

So, because I have a new website, I wanted to have a fun contest! For a chance to win a $25 card from choice of All Romance or Amazon, leave me your best cheesy pick up line below. One of my faves, “I see all those curves and I have no breaks!”

Good Luck Everyone!

Jackie Nacht

Long time…

Hi all,

It’s been a really long time since I posted. I feel like I need to dust this blog off. There are dust bunnies everywhere. Hopefully, they aren’t killer dust bunnies. LOL Well, Steph and I are still in the process of opening the website but it kind of got stalled at the moment.  It was a huge undertaking for our web person since between Steph and me, we have over 250 books! So, I’ll be blogging and doing contests on here from now on.  When the Sister site gets complete, well, that’s just going to be the fun website. 😉

So what’s been going on?

Well, I requested six of my books back. Taming Sweet Puck, Enamored To A Fool, Kale’s Spirit, Snowy Winter, See, and Fireflies. Kale’s and Snowy have found a home but there is going to be a change to the stories. Yes,  both of them will have only  one ending, not the two. They found a home with Featherweight Press. As for See and Fireflies, I’m in talks and the sequel is halfway there for Logan and Craig. Taming has been revamped and a chapter has been added and Enamored had a makeover. I will let you know where they end up.


I’m also stacked with new releases I’m currently writing and those will be on the queue with publishers soon. One is Logan and Craigs. Another is A brand new series with MLR. The only hint I’m giving is Phoenix Firefighters. 😀 Another is a New Adult book that will be focusing on the state of Georgia. Then I’ll be writing one more for All Romance Unleashed series coming this summer. I’ve had a lot of request for the next Venomous. I have four projects to finish up and then I promise, I’ll get a certain and Cobra brother and Bee written.


So, since it’s been forever. I wanted to do a contest. Give a shout out to your favorite LGBT author. I’m giving a big shout out to a bunch. Stephanie Hecht (of course LOL) TA Chase, Carol Lynne, JC Owens, Sean Michael, Kim Dare, KC Wells and Parker Williams. Random winner will receive a choice of either a $10 All Romance card or $10 Amazon e card.


Good Luck and Hugs!


And the Winner is…

Congrats to Jessa on winning the Amazon gift card. 😀

Have a great rest of the week all and thank you so much for all the suggestions. I went through them with Steph and are plotting. Bwahahaha!

*curls evil mustache*


Hugs 😉

Change is in the air! Giveaway!

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. I have a couple of updates for you and some really exciting news.

I needed to take a little time off of writing. Not sure if it was writer’s block or got a little burned out. Writing 47 books in less than three years was little bit nuts LOL. Anyway, I’m happy to report I am back to writing albeit slowly. The two I’m currently working on are Hot On a Chipmunk’s Tail (Jason and Will) and Reaching Out For You (Logan and Craig).

The other exciting piece of news I have is that the blog is moving. This site will be shutting down in a month or so and I’ll be co-blogging with my big sis, Stephani Hecht. The awesomesauce AJ Corza is working on the site as we write and the transition will be done here shortly.

10171631_517900314988930_164465484_nSteph and I have been having a lot of laughs of what we want to bring to the blog so we are really getting excited to be spending a lot more time with you all together.

Okay, now I haven’t done this in a long time but let’s do a giveaway! 😀 Leave a comment on something you would like Steph and me to bring on to the new site. Youtube videos? Banter? Etc…. give us your best shot LOL One commenter will win a $10 Amazon Card.

Hugs and Good Luck 😀



Flying Pigs everywhere!

Hi Everyone,

Spring is finally here. I know it’s May,
11201013_709386219173671_2459414067786474008_o but we did have snow here only a couple weeks ago. I only count spring when I get my first burn of the season. Haha!

So, I finished my first half marathon last weekend in Cincinnati with the lovely Kris Jacen and T.A. Chase. They did such a good job trucking out their first 13.1. Proud of you ladies. I loved the Flying Pig race and have to give big props to the city as well as Kentucky for supporting the 33,000 runners who ran. From the cheering to chalk writing in the roads. It was amazing to see the communities reach out to visitors from all 50 states and 22 countries. You rock!

While I was there, I plotted with Kris Jacen and T.A. because I’ve been stuck for a bit in writing. I have shelved release dates at this time and hopefully with a little bit of breathing room, I can sit down and just take my time writing some good books. They won’t be coming out as fast but, I think this will help me get out of the block muck. My apologies to you all while, I try to get back on the writing wagon.

Have a great week everyone!



Spur of the Platypus Release and Excerpt

Hi Everyone!

It’s Spring. We had snow on the ground yesterday and now it’s 60 degrees. Go Michigan weather! LOL

I just have a quick announcement, Spur of the Platypus came out today at eXtasy Books. Here’s an exclusive excerpt. 😀 BUY LINK


Flex felt like shit. He limped, with the huge gash on his leg, but he was fucking determined to be with the first group back. He hissed, and Green was about to grab his arm again to help him walk when Flex saw someone running toward them in the distance.

A small body with brown hair falling across the brow of the man, the sun setting behind him, was worth every bone- jarring step along the way. He didn’t even have time to react before Prescott was upon him and leaping into his arms.

“I’m so pissed at you.” Prescott pulled back and jumped off.

Flex almost laughed at the turnabout.
“Aww, you missed me,” Flex teased.
Prescott scoffed and rolled his eyes.
That didn’t matter to Flex; Prescott had let his guard

down for just a moment. He could be pissed at him all night long, but Flex knew that the anti-venom cared at least a little for him. It was a start, and hell, he wanted to see what else was in store for them.

“Shit; you’re bleeding.” Prescott bit his lip as his eyes gazed down to the wound on Flex’s leg.

“It’s just a scratch.” Flex smiled as Prescott lifted the leg of his shorts to reveal the scratch.

“Fuck, it looks bad,” Prescott hissed as he touched the area around the wound.

“You sound concerned,” Flex teased. In truth, he felt like he was about one minute away from passing out. He was dizzy and nauseous, and wanting to see Prescott safe when he feared that something could have happened to him had him pushing past the pain to get back.

“Come on. I can bitch you out while I clean you up.” Prescott stood and grabbed his arm, putting it over Prescott’s shoulder. Flex swayed and moaned as they made their way toward the building.

Hugs Everyone!


Getting it off my chest

Hi Everyone,

I thought a long time about writing this post. I decided today after I read another thread that I might as well get it off my chest. That way I can get back to writing and try to put this behind me. Well I’ll try LOL!


I don’t say too much about it but lately it’s driving me nuts and not in a very chipmunk way. Why? Because I’m at a threshold in my life where I could make a go of being a full time author or going back to work and only writing a couple books a year. Yes, I’m about a year away from this crossroad but it is on my mind a lot lately.

About a month ago, an author posted on Facebook about a piracy site that had books free for download. I went on and saw that my books had been viewed more than 33,000 times. Yep 33,000 times. :(

Now, here’s the mistake I made. I googled my name and saw that on other sites my books had been downloaded for free all over the internet. On one site alone, my books were downloaded more than 10,000 times.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to work hard to create something only to have it stolen from you. The only way I can explain it and give you the ratio that it compares to is work for a week forty hours. On Friday, your boss comes to you with a thousand dollars in cash for your paycheck. Now, imagine in this scenario if all your workers/strangers came by one by one and took a twenty out of your hand until all you are left holding in your hand is about forty dollars.

That is what is happening. And worse, I see the threads where people are chatting my books and telling where to go to get these books they read all night long. Yes, I see them. I see the people who steal my books chat about how much they like them and where to go to steal from me.

I’ve sent take down notices but they go right back up. I think one of the most frustrating things I’ve seen over the last months is that my new release was on a pirate site within four hours of being released and it had been downloaded there four times more than being bought on the first day.

Do you understand why this is so frustrating?

Now I know a lot of you/my readers/my friends buy the books and the depth of gratitude I have for you is beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in supporting the books and me. You are the reason I will continue to write. My amazing publishers are why I will continue to write.

Sorry for the rant all. It’s very unlike me. Take care all and have a great day.



Spur of the Platypus Teaser

Hi folks!

I’m moved in to the new house and surrounded by boxes. The good news, it’s back to writing. Here is a teaser of Spur of the Platypus that will be coming out at the end of next week. I apologize for the delays. Hugs


A presence behind him had Prescott whipping around and throwing a punch, only to see that Flex was standing just inches away from his flying fist. Flex chuckled, and one side of his mouth pulled into a smile. Dammit. Put away the fucking dimple!

“Don’t come up behind me.”

Flex quirked his finger at Prescott, and Prescott leaned in. Fuck, he didn’t even think to resist as he smelled the fresh smell of ocean water off the man.

Flex whispered in his ear, “I’ll be coming behind you over and over…”

Prescott pushed the platypus away. “That was just terrible. I mean really?”

Flex laughed. “But it got a rise out of you. Come with me for a minute.”

Stokes and Ford

Hi Everyone,

Well, the move didn’t go as smooth as we all would have liked. ROTFL! I am writing to you via my in-laws house. The house we’re moving to is closed and we own it but the lady who has lived there  forty years needs a little more time. So, we will be in by the fifteenth. 😀 I have to say my in-laws are awesomesauce for having us here for a couple of weeks so the kids can start school and get settled in their new town.

Anyway, while I was away from the computer, I had a new release out. Stokes and Ford! Here’s the Blurb…


Ford and Stokes are about to weather two storms; the blizzard coming their way and their growing feelings for one another.

Stokes has been rooming with Ford ever since the first day of college. Although his feelings had started out as friendly, over time, they have grown deeper. He’s fallen for Ford, hard, but how the hell is Stokes going to tell Ford? When college winter break approaches, Stokes decides to take Ford up to his parent’s rental to have a fun weekend with Ford and finally let his best friend know what he feels. However, with a blizzard coming in, they will have to weather the storm outside and in their hearts.

Anyway, I’ll be on and off in the next couple of weeks. I’m currently working on The Spur of the Platypus which will be out March 15th. Also for MLR, I’m working on Hooked by the Deer and Bittersweet Dance with TA Chase.

Hugs all and let me know how you are weathering the storm outside.