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Getting it off my chest

Hi Everyone,

I thought a long time about writing this post. I decided today after I read another thread that I might as well get it off my chest. That way I can get back to writing and try to put this behind me. Well I’ll try LOL!


I don’t say too much about it but lately it’s driving me nuts and not in a very chipmunk way. Why? Because I’m at a threshold in my life where I could make a go of being a full time author or going back to work and only writing a couple books a year. Yes, I’m about a year away from this crossroad but it is on my mind a lot lately.

About a month ago, an author posted on Facebook about a piracy site that had books free for download. I went on and saw that my books had been viewed more than 33,000 times. Yep 33,000 times. :(

Now, here’s the mistake I made. I googled my name and saw that on other sites my books had been downloaded for free all over the internet. On one site alone, my books were downloaded more than 10,000 times.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to work hard to create something only to have it stolen from you. The only way I can explain it and give you the ratio that it compares to is work for a week forty hours. On Friday, your boss comes to you with a thousand dollars in cash for your paycheck. Now, imagine in this scenario if all your workers/strangers came by one by one and took a twenty out of your hand until all you are left holding in your hand is about forty dollars.

That is what is happening. And worse, I see the threads where people are chatting my books and telling where to go to get these books they read all night long. Yes, I see them. I see the people who steal my books chat about how much they like them and where to go to steal from me.

I’ve sent take down notices but they go right back up. I think one of the most frustrating things I’ve seen over the last months is that my new release was on a pirate site within four hours of being released and it had been downloaded there four times more than being bought on the first day.

Do you understand why this is so frustrating?

Now I know a lot of you/my readers/my friends buy the books and the depth of gratitude I have for you is beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in supporting the books and me. You are the reason I will continue to write. My amazing publishers are why I will continue to write.

Sorry for the rant all. It’s very unlike me. Take care all and have a great day.



Spur of the Platypus Teaser

Hi folks!

I’m moved in to the new house and surrounded by boxes. The good news, it’s back to writing. Here is a teaser of Spur of the Platypus that will be coming out at the end of next week. I apologize for the delays. Hugs


A presence behind him had Prescott whipping around and throwing a punch, only to see that Flex was standing just inches away from his flying fist. Flex chuckled, and one side of his mouth pulled into a smile. Dammit. Put away the fucking dimple!

“Don’t come up behind me.”

Flex quirked his finger at Prescott, and Prescott leaned in. Fuck, he didn’t even think to resist as he smelled the fresh smell of ocean water off the man.

Flex whispered in his ear, “I’ll be coming behind you over and over…”

Prescott pushed the platypus away. “That was just terrible. I mean really?”

Flex laughed. “But it got a rise out of you. Come with me for a minute.”

Stokes and Ford

Hi Everyone,

Well, the move didn’t go as smooth as we all would have liked. ROTFL! I am writing to you via my in-laws house. The house we’re moving to is closed and we own it but the lady who has lived there  forty years needs a little more time. So, we will be in by the fifteenth. :D I have to say my in-laws are awesomesauce for having us here for a couple of weeks so the kids can start school and get settled in their new town.

Anyway, while I was away from the computer, I had a new release out. Stokes and Ford! Here’s the Blurb…


Ford and Stokes are about to weather two storms; the blizzard coming their way and their growing feelings for one another.

Stokes has been rooming with Ford ever since the first day of college. Although his feelings had started out as friendly, over time, they have grown deeper. He’s fallen for Ford, hard, but how the hell is Stokes going to tell Ford? When college winter break approaches, Stokes decides to take Ford up to his parent’s rental to have a fun weekend with Ford and finally let his best friend know what he feels. However, with a blizzard coming in, they will have to weather the storm outside and in their hearts.

Anyway, I’ll be on and off in the next couple of weeks. I’m currently working on The Spur of the Platypus which will be out March 15th. Also for MLR, I’m working on Hooked by the Deer and Bittersweet Dance with TA Chase.

Hugs all and let me know how you are weathering the storm outside.

Thank you Bloggers and Authors/Chipmunk Teaser

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to the bloggers and authors who hosted me on my last tour. You have no idea how much you all helped me out when I’m in the process of a crazy move. Thank you! A big thank you to Pride-Promotions for working me one more time and looking forward to the next tour with you.

Hugs and Thank You!

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Snippet of Hooked by the Deer completely unedited. LOL

“Who are these guys?” Livingston leaned toward one of the chipmunks on Nikko’s shoulder, reaching for one with his index finger when the little sucker hissed and spread out his tiny arms at him.

“What the?” Livingston shouted, jumping back, almost falling on his ass. The thing almost ate his damn finger!

The chipmunks started making little squeaking noises before it fell off and shifted in mid air. A man lay naked on the ground before Livingston laughing his ass off, holding his stomach.

“Oh shit! It’s cold. Did you see him? Scared the fuck out of him.” The naked guy who looked almost a spitting image of Nikko said.

Nikko pinched the bridge of his nose, “You’re naked in the snow. Nice first impression Sparks.”

Apparently Sparks didn’t give a damn as he continued to chuckle and stood up before sauntering up his steps, “Damn I love me some nuts but mine are moving up into my body. It’s freezing here.”

The other chipmunk squeaked on Nikko’s shoulder and Livingston could swear the damn thing was laughing.


Strike of the Diamondback is out plus tour

Hi Everyone!

Strike of the Diamondback is out and I’m doing a book blast tour with a chance to win a $25 Amazon Card. Link to the tour stops and giveaway is at the bottom :D A big shout of gratitude to Pride-Promotions and to all the bloggers for hosting me. Thank you!


Cover Art Done by Latrisha Waters


Chapter One

Two years ago

TL was in a fucking load of trouble. This nasty bitch of a viper was giving him one hell of a fight. He swung his arm and landed a punch to her horned nose. She hissed and came back at him with a wicked-looking blade. The viper was completely bald, her entire body covered in snakeskin. She was lean and sleek, but TL knew firsthand, she was very fucking lethal. He jumped back as she swung, and he went for his hunting knife.
The snake had already gotten a piece of one of his wings, making it completely impossible for him to fly his way out of this situation.
The viper female She was strong, and he was in her territory. Why the hell hadn’t he waited for Boone? TL sliced the knife through the air, causing a deep gash to her chest but not enough to bring her down. She charged him, crazed, fangs leaking the venom TL wanted nothing to do with. He kicked out and missed. She tackled him to the ground, sinking her blade deep in his side.
“Ahhh!” TL screamed out in utter agony. The white-hot pain caused him to fall back, completely defenseless as his enemy straddled him.
With the last of his strength, he pushed up, slicing the viper under the arm. She screamed, hissed, wriggling around, more snake than human, much like the venom she presented right on top of him. TL attempted to get out from underneath, still bleeding like crazy. He managed to break free, and try to gain as much distance as he could while unable to get off his damn hands and knees.
She came back, maddened and enraged, and TL held up his arms, waiting for his end. She slithered toward him at a speed only venom of superior strength could match.
A boot shot out in front of him, connecting with her face, just a mere feet from his own body. He glanced up to see a man standing above him with a ball mace in his hand and enough other weapons on his body for a small army. The muscular man pulled a machete and went after the female. TL’s head fell back. He didn’t even have enough strength in him to see who won. Closing his eyes, he let the darkness take him.
Pages or Words: 17,250

Categories: Alternate universe, M/M Romance, Menage/Poly (MMM), New Adult, Post-Apocalypse, Romance, Science Fiction, Paranormal

Tour Dates: February 1, 2015

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Sales Link for Strike of the Diamondback

Strike of the Diamondback Blurb

So, Strike of the Diamondback is coming out next week and I thought I would post the blurb for you all. :)

I wanted to let everyone know something before Diamondback comes out.  This is a MMM, my first, and that it does overlap in timeline to Pursued. I had to do that because Rio, TL, and Striker’s relationship started during Boone and Julius’ story and I wanted you to see these three from the beginning of their journey to find each other. I hope you all don’t mind.  :D I just felt to give you a full story, I had to start from the beginning. :D Thank you readers for all your support.

Hugs and have a good weekend.

I’m back to packing boxes. :D ROTFL!



It will take the love and patience of two venoms to heal the diamondback.


Cover done by Latrisha Waters


Two years ago, TL came across his fire-ant mate, Rio. Duty kept them apart, and they were only able to love each other from afar.

When Striker escapes the tortures of the anti-venom pack, running into the wild, he didn’t expect to encounter his mate. However, he is a shell of his former self, broken from the abuse done to him.

Rio saved TL once, and when his TL comes to ask for help, Rio finds himself shocked that the venom he’s always loved is holding their mate, a mate they’ll have to heal together.


Blog Tour Coming Soon

Happy New Year everyone.

It’ll be a bit crazy here in the next couple months. I’m moving her in the next 6-8 weeks and training for a marathon. Yep, and I have a couple of books I’m working on ATM. LOL

I have a couple announcements. Strike of the Diamondback is in edits and will be out February 1st. That will be TL, Rio and Striker’s story. :D

Also, I have a blog tour coming up on February 1st with a chance to win a $25 Amazon card.

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Three Releases and Blog tour.

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for your help last week. Congrats to Jess on being the Amazon ecard winner!

I have three release and an awesome blog tour/giveaway to announce.

So… A Holiday in Hell and A Hellhound Christmas came out at eXtasy on  Monday. Buy links are attached to the cover. Blurbs are at the links because I don’t want this post to be huge and your eyes to go all yucky, making you hate me! LOLa hellhound christmasa holiday in hell

Next up is I have a new release that came out today. A Paranormal Chipmunk Christmas over at MLR Press. I’ve had some questions about availability at Amazon and ARe. It should be within the day or two. I’ll be sure to post it on FB when it becomes available at those two locations.

A Paranormal Chipmunk Christmas Jackie Nacht Scarlet Tie DesignsMLR link is on the cover for those wanting to get it today. So, I’m doing a book blast as well today and am making several stops. I’m giving away a rafflecopter prize of $25 to Amazon.  Here is a list of the stops. I linked to Christy Duke’s first because she has a link list to the rest of the stops for you all. :D Good Luck everyone and hugs. :D


Full Moon Delta Release and Amazon Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note. Full Moon Delta came out today woohoo!

Congrats to Rebecca on being the prior Amazon card winner!

I’m currently working on Hellhound Christmas short and another secret book. :D I’ll let you all in on it as soon as I can. Here is the blurb and excerpt to Full Moon Delta and the bottom how to enter the giveaway.


full moon deltaBUY LINK


When you love someone so greatly, you are willing to sacrifice all.

Malach couldn’t believe that the gods would grant him a second chance, but they had when he rescued Sascha from the hands of a pack aligned with hellhounds. Now, Malach will do everything to help and heal his Delta, even if it means making the greatest sacrifice of all.
Being a Delta and abused all his life, Sascha has little trust in shifters. Now living in Moon Compound and with a mate, he must first learn to trust and then tell his mate they can never be together. For to be with a Delta is to be with the dammed.


Thirteen Years Ago

Sascha laughed, running after his twin brother, Cass. For the last hour, Cass had popped them in and out of portals. Cass turned and smiled at him as they jumped out onto a prairie full of tall, soft grass. Sascha hollered in joy at the beautiful feeling of freedom. Here, there was no darkness. Here, there was no pain, only him and his beloved brother. Cass brushed his fingers along the tops of the grass before opening up another portal, and they were once again in the cold snow of northern Michigan.

Blowing out a cloud in the cold air, Sascha fell onto his back on the ground. This was his favorite time, when he and his brother had the chance to escape their pack for a while. Cass would sneak them out when the pack elders were having secret meetings in the nearby town of Wellston.

Oh how he wished they could just leave and never look back, but they had to protect their five-year-old little brother who was an Alpha. Well, Cass had to protect Alexander. There wasn’t much Sascha could do. Being a Delta, he was the lowest of the low. A shifter that would never shift and cursed to forever be alone.

Sascha felt a hard tap to his stomach and glanced over at Cass to see him staring off into the distance. Sascha laughter died instantly at the serious look on Cass’s face, and he quickly turned to see what was bothering Cass.

Sascha flipped onto his hands and knees, his brother doing the same, then they made their way through the snow in the forest. There, by a stream, was Duke. Sascha immediately began to shake at the sight of the dark boy, evil oozing from every pore. Sascha literally felt sick every time he was near Duke.

Duke had his head tilted to the side, poking at something on the ground in curiosity. His mouth and chin were covered in fresh blood, and he licked at them as he stared, eyes clear of emotion like a shark tasting blood in the water. Sascha lifted himself a little to see if Duke had killed another animal in the area, but instead saw a human arm.

Sascha gasped, and Cass grabbed him and covered Sascha’s mouth with his hand. Cass breathed into his ear, “Not a sound.”

They watched the sick boy play with his dead prey. Sascha shook with fear, not knowing who the arm belonged to. Both of them were too shocked and immobilized by terror even to flee from their hiding spot in the brush. Why was there blood by Duke’s mouth? Had he bit the person?

A few moments later, Duke’s father, Donavon, came storming toward his son. The Alpha didn’t even slow his progress as he approached his son and ruthlessly backhanded him. “Didn’t I tell you to get rid of it?”

Sascha’s eyes widened.

“But, Dad,” Duke whined and lifted the cold hand of his victim to his cheek as if in affection. It took everything in Sascha to retain the contents of his stomach.

“I told you to put it in the stream. You kill it, you take care of it.” Alpha Donavon said with a stern voice.

Duke stood with a bloody pout and lifted the body. Sascha was then able to see who the victim was. Elizabeth, a little girl from their pack, well under their twelve years. Sascha stared at the dirt-encrusted pigtails and the blank expression on Elizabeth’s face as she was thoughtlessly tossed into the stream.

“Just like the other times, we’ll tell them that the hellhounds attacked and an alliance must be made with them. It’ll push the effort.” Donavon patted Duke on the shoulder with affection. Affection!

Cass shifted behind him, and Donavon snapped his gaze to where they were hiding.

Donavon and Duke stalked toward them, and Cass jumped up behind him, pulling Sascha to his feet. Before Sascha was even steady, Cass had put himself in front of his brother, protecting him. Sascha wanted to weep; Cass wouldn’t stand a chance against the powerful Alpha since they were just boys. No way could they defend themselves against an Alpha.

Donavon grabbed Cass by the throat and lifted him off the ground, growling into his face, “Cassius.”

Sascha scrambled, trying to help his brother, but a swift kick to the head had Sascha flying back to the ground. Disoriented and dizzy, Sascha tried to get to his feet again to help his brother. The heated exchange between Cass and Donavon echoed as if heard through a tunnel. He knew that this was the end. Their lives were about to be taken from them by their very own Alpha and his disgusting son.

Glancing up, the world blurred as Cass pled with Donavon while Duke approached Sascha. Sascha waved his hand in front of him in a futile effort to stop Duke as the Alpha’s son pulled him by the hair, dragged him closer to the others.

Blackness crept in, the world fuzzy, but he heard the words that would haunt him forever. The words said by his very own brother, “I’ll do whatever you say, but please don’t hurt Sascha. Please!”

Their fate was sealed, and Sascha let the darkness consume him.

Today’s Giveaway

Let’s do another amazon $10 card since I have an important question. LOL What series are you wanting more from me in 2015? I’m working on my schedule and want to figure out what books go where. LOL Please leave a comment with your answer below to help me out and enter for a chance to win.


Release Updates and Giveaway!

Hi Everyone!

I’m a little late to the party. I’ve been having a hard time getting on my blog. I had 7,718 spam messages so…if you messaged me and haven’t heard back, it definitely got lost in the shuffle. For that, I apologize and feel free to email me any time. I love answering questions. :D

So I have three good news and one bad news in this post and I’m going to mix it up a little.

10625159_848511541840367_5799338959742257079_nGood News: I had a new release, A Chipmunk Drizzled in Honey released at MLR Press last Friday.  Woohoo! This is the book that I read at GRL and had a pretty embarrassing moment. LOL

Bad News: I had to push back Full Moon Delta to December 1st. This book has been painful to write for me and when you read it, you will know why. The Moon Compound series has and always will be my challenge and I don’t want to put it out to you all until I know its solid even after all the sweat and tears it took to writing it. I am extremely sorry for this!

Good News: Full Moon Hellhound and The Sting of the Death Stalker Scorpion has been nominated over at the good reads group for Best Paranormal and Best Post Apoc. If you see this, thank you Jen4607 for nominating the books.

Good News and last bit of news LOL: Giveaway time! $10 Amazon Card and the winner will be picked on Wednesday before Thanksgiving in case they want to Black Friday with it! To enter tell me if you’ve seen snow yet this season!

Hugs and good luck all!