Educational Requirements for Making a Career in Pediatrics

Posted on 26 may 2016 by Rebecca Fletcher

Pediatricians as well as any other specialists in the field of medicine should pursue the educational requirements in detail in order to make a successful career in future. If you have decided to become a pediatrician it is extremely advisable for you to pay attention to the fact that nowadays many years are required to study for the profession to be able then to practice your knowledge and skills on real people. This concerns certified profession of a pediatrician. Still, you cannot be sure that a medical school accepts you as a student. In fact, you need to have very high scores for entering the medical school which gives education to future pediatricians. Besides, there are not so many medical colleges and universities providing the education of this kind, and only the chosen students are accepted into this difficult program.

So, in order to get a good pediatrician education first of all you will have to obtain either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS). In addition, you should have an acceptable GPA (Grade Point Average) which is usually higher than 3.5. This is a limit in fact that is why it is better to try to do the highest scores. Further you will be required to study medicine a Medical School for four years. Thereafter it is necessary to do three years of residency. Earlier the first year was named as internship but recently all three years have been included into 'residency.' Then the examinations in a Medical School have to be passed successfully. In fact, they are rather difficult and if you pass them in a good way you will be required to pass state examinations (the State Boards). After that you will be certified and licensed.

It usually happens so that students make up their minds concerning what specialization will be a good one for them before or while visiting a Medical School. Nevertheless, their decision changes often during residency. During the first part of residency you are going to try many different medical fields including Internal Pediatrics, Emergency, Medicine, and others. In this way, it turns out that what you were dreaming of earlier may change into the opposite profession. The matter is that you never know what complexities are laid in this or that specialty and only after studying it properly you may understand that it is not your piece of cake. At this time you may reveal many positive features you haven't even suspect of in another specialty, and it may become your career in future.

After you finish residency, it is desirable to take State Boards or finals which will be required. Now you are a Certified Pediatrician but nevertheless many years of studying are waiting for you in future. You will be required from time to time to complete ongoing recertification courses which are necessary in the hospitals of all states. As you can see, the career of a pediatrician is rather time-consuming, that is why it is necessary to think thoroughly whether this is a profession for you and whether you are ready to spend years for receiving education.

It is expected that professional pediatricians will be in high demand in the next ten years, they will be an important part of children's medical care. What is necessary to mention is that pediatricians may build one of the highest paid careers among other professions despite the expensive studying as well as strict educational requirements. After meeting all educational requirements, covering college training as well as a few years of internship in this field, pediatricians may earn more than $160,000 every year. One more great advantage of the profession of a pediatrician is that a real specialist is going to enjoy constant moving up the career ladder. As it is known, self-employed pediatricians tend to earn even more than salaried ones. So, if you feel that the profession of a pediatrician is what you have always dreamt of, don't wait and start your studying today!