5 No-Nos when Nursing a Baby and Some Tips

Posted on 23 dec 2016 by Rebecca Fletcher

Sometimes, for many circumstances, nursing mothers want to continue doing so. It may be premature infants, children who need a supplement for medical advice or cases where mixed feeding ends up being imposed.

In general, when you have to take a supplement, you should use a teaspoon in a cup or more little ones as possible. This prevents the child to feel confused and then it is hard to properly latch on and suck effectively. However, depending on who should feed the baby or the amount of complement that the baby will get, many families prefer to use a bottle.

In such cases, if the family decides to use a bottle, find a way to minimize adverse breastfeeding, either because the intention is to maintain MBF, either because the bottle use is temporary and no intention to recover exclusive breastfeeding. It can also be used if the mother is expressing milk to supplement what the baby sucks by itself and cracks or painful wounds that really prevent direct suction.

What not to do?

1. When giving bottle, you must feed the baby incorporated as sitting, not imitating the position of breastfeeding the baby.

2. You have to use a long, soft, round nipple. The "anatomical" teats not look anything like the nipple, so we should avoid them. The teat must be long- it is important, because the idea is that you can play the point where the hard and soft palate meet, as in breastfeeding. A length between 18 mm and 2 inches is ideal.

3. It is not enough to give the bottle, the idea is to reproduce the same natural stimuli of breastfeeding, so we will reproduce rooting child touching cheeks and lips, so that it is the baby the one coming to snag one.

4. Do not walk or stand for long periods. With open mouth should you should let the little one suckle several times, always sitting down, the vertical trunk, leaving you make effort to suck milk and preventing it from falling into the mouth by gravity.

5. Discard the Kassing method when is the right time. This method is a bottle method that interferes less with breastfeeding and can be of help if you are seeking to supplement breastfeeding. Just don't overdo it, try to find other ways to complement.