Unbelievable Reason why Dining Out Contributes to Becoming Overweight

Posted on 03 feb 2016 by Rebecca Fletcher

One of the main advantages of dining out is that you enjoy every bite of what you paid for without going through the stress of preparing it. You can dine out everyday if you wish especially when cooking is not your thing. But do you know that dining out is one of the main contributors why your love handles are showing up and at the same time increases your risk for high cholesterol levels? This is what has been found out by a research done at the Ashima Kant of Queens College in New York.

How was the study done?

About 8300 adult American were subjected to study for the research. There eating pattern and overall health were determined during the research. According to the results, those who are fond of dining out have lesser good cholesterol or high-density lipoproteins over those frequently cooking meals at home. Aside from a staggering low HDL, they also lack nutrients like vitamins E and C.

In addition, the effects of frequently dining out is evident in women once they are older than 50 with high bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein levels. Men on the other hand, tend to eat out more than women.

Why does this happen?

Nutritionists who found out about the result are not surprised at all. They know that eating in restaurants or food chain has more calories than a home-cooked meal. Servings in restaurants have higher salt content, high fat content and ingredients don't include whole grain, high fiber foods and even fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, what is contributing to this situation is because of the gimmicks and other "values" offered by restaurants. The servings are bigger than your ordinary serving at home and you are more inclined to finish off what is served in your plate rather than just quenching your hunger and taste. Unlike eating at home where you can control your serving and you can choose which ingredients to use to preserve a healthy dish served for you and your family.